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Training and equipping for life and leadership.

Equip church planters biblically and theologically to function effectively within The Kingdom of God, through the local church.


Empower leaders to plant & grow healthy, vibrant churches that will bring hope & restoration through the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to our communities and cities.


Encourage church leaders and church planters to be fruitful & focused in their calling, as apprentices of Jesus.

Ready to become an Apprentice of Jesus?

SOL offers an innovative combination of online learning and small group environments to train leaders and church planters in South Africa and beyond. Our aim is to equip men and women who will impact their churches and communities with a healthy understanding of spiritual leadership and theology.

We want to encourage people to become life-long learners and apprentices of Jesus. School of Leadership brings together excellent leadership, theology and ministry modules with 4 well designed programmes.

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Our vision is to train and equip Jesus followers

for life and leadership.

We do this by helping them to understand and live out the true meaning of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, which they then can model to others When Jesus began his ministry and called some to be his disciples, his understanding was that they would become lifelong learners or apprentices of Him.

This would involve journeying with him initially, and then with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, in an attitude of observation, study, obedience, and imitation.
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