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Theology & Leadership Programme (TL101)

As a follower of Jesus, invest one year in a journey of discovery through School of Leadership. This will help you to understand God’s glorious plans and purposes for your life. As Jesus’ apprentice (disciple), your goal is to learn to live like Jesus did when he was on earth, seeking the kingdom of God.

Areas you will focus on include:

  • The biblical story – a gradual unfolding of the history of salvation against the backdrop of creation and sin.
  • The growing revelation of the kingdom in Old Testament literature, the coming of the kingdom in the life and ministry of Jesus, the kingdom in the Christian life and the mandate for kingdom ministry today as modelled on the ministry of Jesus.
  • The empowering of the Spirit for witness, leading to a radical obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission.
  • The establishment of a strong Christian identity.
  • A growing practise of spirituality as taught by Jesus through his life, in order to become like him and to follow his Kingdom lifestyle.
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Advanced Theology & Leadership Programme (ATL202)

If you are motivated to study and apply the bible, theology, spirituality and Christian leadership in your life and ministry at an advanced level, this programme will be of great interest and benefit to you.

Besides covering all that is offered in our one-year programme, you will focus on:

  • The biblical story in terms of a wholistic narrative
  • A practical approach to the relevance of Kingdom Theology found in the Old Testament and the life and ministry of Jesus.
  • Developing a practical working knowledge of living out your new nature in Christ in thought, word and deed under the guidance of the Apostle Paul.
  • Gaining advanced knowledge and applicatory skills of the essential beliefs of the Christian faith for life and leadership.
  • Mastering a deeper understanding of the models, skills, styles, and processes of biblical leadership.
  • Training to expound the scriptures intelligently and accurately by means of the fundamental rules of interpretation and excellent online tools and resources.
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Our methodology is

innovative & inclusive.

We offer an innovative combination of online learning and small group environments, and both our programmes are offered at Ministry & Academic levels to be inclusive of all learners.

Two learning levels

Ministry Level

  • Requires Gr.10 English levels of proficiency
  • Students are required to complete a reflection and multiple-choice assessments
  • Requires approximately 80 hours of study per course

Academic Level

  • Requires Gr.12 English levels of proficiency
  • Students are required to complete an assignment and multiple-choice assessments
  • Requires approximately 120 hours of study per course
  • This level is mandatory for further studies through Trinity Bible College & Graduate School and the South African Theological Seminary.

Course Components

Each programme offers a breadth and depth of knowledge, training and experience that will significantly enrich the student’s inward transformation towards Christlikeness and their ability to plant, lead, care for, and grow the local church.

Each course will consist of the following components:
  • One carefully selected textbook focussing on the nature of the subject at hand, including additional notes
  • Video & Audio content
  • Regular discussion/interaction/reflection and mentoring sessions focussing on the material and the application thereof
  • Course appropriate assessments

Training & Terms

  • The Theology and Leadership Programme is 12 months in duration and consists of 4 Terms.
  • The Advanced Theology and Leadership Programme consists of a further 12 months of training also completed over 4 terms.
  • New students are able to commence with their studies at the start of any term, provided there are sufficient students to form a group.